How to Get started With Homeschool for beginners. 

Let’s Start by saying some of the reasons why people turn to Homeschooling from the beginning.

  • Parents don’t feel like their child is safe in school
  • Their child expresses themselves that they don’t feel safe in school weather it’s through words or behavior.
  • Children get bullied.
  • Parents feel like their child or children are not learning anything.
  • Parents don’t want their children to get labeled because they don’t comprehend certain subjects as fast as other children.
  • Their children learn different and comprehend better with different strategies than traditional schools offer.

There are numerous reasons why people choose to Homeschool and there no right or wrong reasons. You ( yes you) have a right to Homeschool your child if that’s what you feel is best for your child.

Where do I start?🤔

Facebook if you don’t have an account,create one. Then, search for a private homeschool page for your state and  and request to become a member. I promise they will have all the answers to your questions from where to get you NOI, what is NOI, how to fill it out, where to find curriculum for free or cheap, what they used to help their children in different subjects and so on. 

COMMUNITY facebooks Homeschool page is private and it’s the most supportive community you could ever ask for. Find out who you know or if anyone you know anyone that homeschool their children and ask questions. 

How long should we spend on school? ITS VERY IMPORTANT TO START SLOW. Just get to know your child and the best way for them to learn.

  You don’t have to spend 6 hours teaching. However, you should have a routine. Me personally I use Time 4 Learning i have my daughter start with Math, then Language and Arts, then we alternate Science and Social Studies. PE, we go outside and ride bikes or use YouTube. Remember, they have lunch, recess, art, music and other electives they do. They don’t spend 6 hours just teaching.

If you feel yourself or your child getting impatient or frustrated just stop and take a deep breath and understand that is normal to get overwhelmed in the beginning. You can stop for the day and try again tomorrow. You have that option.

Extended Family will probably be the ones that give you the hardest time with less support. Don’t get upset but let it be known that it YOUR CHILD and you know what’s best for him/her.

What if I have a full time Job.

You can still Homeschool productively if you work a full day. You can have a evening routine. If your child is younger,  I recommend you eat, rest for a minute and then get started. It will definitely take self discipline but it can still be done.

Leave a comment and let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I will be happy to help.

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