I need Parenting advice. Am I wrong or not

So, one day I was doing my child (10ys) hair. She mentioned someone’s parents disowned him/her because they was gay. She asked me would I do that to her if she turned out like that.

My response

I told her my concern would never be if she dates a male or female. My concern is how the person treat her. I then proceeded to explain how a person should treat her when there dating/in a relationship. I also told her that at this moment she’s not to like “People “. She can like math, science, reading, coloring or drawings right now but not people because she’s to young for that.


She went to her dad and asked him the same thing. He said it’s wrong and unnatural and that I was wrong. He also told her if me or him was gay she would not be here. He then came to me and told me I was teaching her wrong. I should not except that lifestyle.


What I told my child is honestly how I feel. But should I go along with him and see what happens? 😩